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Monday, June 13, 2016

Vandaveer at The KINK Skype Live Studio 6/10/16

I first saw Vandaveer  open for Joe Pug at the Doug Fir Lounge. They were a good fit. Both are folky and poetically verbose, but Vandaveer is heavier on harmony, whereas Pug is a vocal soloist even when accompanied by a band. There was very little room for the interview portion of their Skype show because the absolutely insane traffic had made them late, and they had some other engagement immediately after, which was in addition to their ticketed evening performance. Therefore, the only knowledge gleaned from the exceptionally brief interview was that many of the band's members are native to Kentucky, but all met each other and formed the band in D.C. And that their final song's lyrics were penned by an Oregon based poet.

Here's an an animated music video from their new album "The Wild Mercury":

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brett Dennen @ The Skype Live Studio June 2, 2016

Brett Dennen is a poet. A singer-songwriter of the highest order. He is capable of both contemplative lyrics and bouncy melodies. His Skype Live Studio set was acoustic, which is well-suited to that venue, and showcased the aforementioned contemplative lyrics, but since  I am a newly-minted fan, I came home and found the studio-versions. The album version of Cassidy, (from his latest effort "Por Favor") is far more upbeat than the way he played it at Skype. Hearing it both ways was a privilege, and a testament to Dennen's versatility as a musician.

All but one of Dennen's songs came from "Por Favor," he played "San Francisco" in response to an audience member's request to pay tribute to The Golden State Warriors. Apparently, Dennen is a sports-fan as well, because he said, "Not that they need any help." he also had occasion to imitate an audience member's dance moves, (thankfully at a different performance), which demonstrated his humorous side. Once again, audience members at The Skype Live Studio are treated to seeing musicians in an intimate way that would be impossible at a full-scale concert. It is a jewel of the city.