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Monday, May 28, 2018

"I and You" @ Artist's Rep

"I and You" is a play about the pronouns of its title, specifically their use in the poem "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman. At first glance, this would hardly seem enough upon which to hang a play. But, "I and You" left more than a few members of the Opening Night audience in tears. A pocket-pack of Kleenex might not be a bad idea.)

The basic  plot is the interactions of two students, one a brilliant, but nearly bedridden girl, the other a jock, who at first appears to be in desperate need of her tutelage, and their presentation about those all-important pronouns. Wrapped within it, is  a twist that would be criminal to spoil. Instead, I will reiterate my warning about tears, and express my admiration once more for its unexpected emotional resonance.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

"Tourette's Hero"

"Tourette's Hero: Stand-up, Sit Down, Roll-over" is a bizarre show. I don't think Tourette's Hero would object to such a description. Especially because a lot of it is MEANT to be bizarre. (Audience members are encouraged to come up and read corny cat-jokes at random intervals, for instance. ) And stand-up has been a place for bizarre things--Andy Kaufmann comes to mind. But, the word that best describes "Tourette's Hero" is not "bizarre," but rather "embrace." The entire evening is about embracing everything, and accommodating the unusual. This is the reason it is not merely "interesting" or "off-beat," but at times revolutionary, both in terms of the typical boundaries forced upon performance, (and oftentimes, by extension, who  gets to enjoy them,) as well as revolutionary in terms of the discussions sparked. It has been a long while since I stayed for a "talkback," but "Tourette's Hero's" examination of Disability Rights in different countries is a must-hear. It is also interesting to hear from the ASL interpreters about how they take on such an unpredictable task. Sometimes I found myself watching them in awe. If you've ever longed for a one-of a-kind show, this is it.