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Monday, June 15, 2009


"Up" marks Pixar's return to otherworldly excellence. This next statement might send me to Animation Hell for blasphemy, but Pixar's last few efforts have lacked heart, the worst offender being "Wall-E" where the short at the beginning had more humor and whimsy in its brief length than the feature. "Up" brings Pixar back to the Gold Standard established by "The Incredibles" and I am beyond grateful.

Ed Asner is perfectly cast as Carl Fredricksen, an old man who needs to escape from authorities who want to remove him from his home. He rigs many balloons to his house and takes off to honor a promise he made to his late-wife. However, Carl doesn't know that Russell-- a Wilderness Explorer intent on earning his Assisting the Elderly Badge-- has been stranded on his front porch. It would be horribly unkind of me to say much more about the plot, so I will end my summary here. But, I must add that much of Pixar's enduring charm is due to perfect little moments in their films. One such moment is when we see Carl get out of bed and begin cracking his back. (oh, how I relate....) Also, I feel obligated to warn you that the opening scenes are very somber, so be prepared.....

Note: I saw this film in 3-D at Bridgeport, the experience is certainly worth the extra cost. (Plus, the wheelchair seats are excellent.)


  1. "Up" sounds like a must-see. But I have to admit I enjoyed "Wall-E". But I saw it at home for free. Maybe would have been different if I had paid full price at the theater.

  2. Great review. I heard it was a good movie, but you have convinced me that it is excellent. I think this will be a great 1st movie to take Andrew to.

  3. Good I am glad to hear that Up put pixar back on good standings. I was a little worried after Wall-E although the story was "cute" I was not wowed by anything new, and the film itslef would have been a much better short.

    Time to get my ass to the theater!