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Friday, July 10, 2009


Why does the Ratings Board have an NC-17 rating if they will not use it? If "Bruno" does not have enough depravity to merit it, than such a film does not exist. There are scenes in this film that can not be sufficiently described with phrases like "unbelievably disgusting" and "instantly nauseating." Such phrases are laughable understatements. It is impossible to warn you adequately about the things you will see in this film. I will not attempt to prepare you. I will certainly not delve into detail, doing so would require me to recall specifics, and I am trying with all my mental might to forget what I have just seen. Will you laugh? Uncontrollably. Is it worth it? Absolutely not!

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  1. Well, I think you probably wrote the best critique about this film that could ever be written. Short, honest and NO details! Thank you. I heard you all laughed uncontrollably and I can't believe it was a "family film night" with that choice. But, fun I am sure. Nate said he was horrified by thinking my mom watched it! Wonder if Mommer and Popeye will add it to their collection when it is released? That would call for a second viewing wouldn't it?