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Monday, March 2, 2015

Other Desert Cities @ PCS

"Other Desert Cities" starts out as a typical "Family Fight Comedy" Most of the fighting in the early going is of the political kind. You know, the instantly familiar holiday debates. Except these are between parents and children, which for some reason are 10 times worse than those between others who are not as close. Add in a politically-charged family tragedy, and things become explosive. The father plays easy-going peacemaker, the mother is the always-right unswerving, towering presence. The daughter is the one itching for a fight, and has a tell-all book on the way about that family tragedy. Rounding out the brood is the youngest son, and the boozy aunt. The cast is fantastic, of particular note is Barbara Broughton, as the aging film star, who reminded me a little of Lauren Bacall. The play is a little too long, but the climax is surprising. It is certainly worth seeing.

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