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Monday, March 7, 2016

"Bullshot Crummond 2" @ Lakewood Theatre

I have only seen the film version of "Bullshot Crummond," but it is unnecessary to to have seen it to enjoy the world premiere sequel at Lakewood. It is a wall-to-wall laugh-riot. The multiple sets are gorgeous and intricate. The goofy intentionally low-tech projections and props are hilarious. Spencer Conway is perfect as our bumbling hero Bullshot Crummond. There are dashes of humor that reminded me of Monty Python and  the Petter Sellers "Pink Panther" films. Lovers of "B" movies will find much to enjoy as well.  This has been a outstanding season for Lakewood, one that has seen them expand in many ways--from world premieres (this may be Lakewood's first)--to dramas with darker subject matter than they typically present. Bravo Lakewood!

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