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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Church Basement Ladies @ Broadway Rose

There is no denying that "Church Basement Ladies"is a fun show. There is a variety of humor in the show, from lighthearted to unexpectedly dark, delivered with a smile.  But, it must be noted that a fair amount of the humor, and even some of the songs rely on the finer points of Lutheranism  and Minnesota Cuisine. At times it felt like being left out of an inside-joke. I noticed in the program that the show was first produced in Minnesota, and I got the feeling that Lutheranism must be especially prevalent there. By far the best part of the show was the fully-committed and perfectly cast actresses. And the set deserves a mention as well, designed by the supremely talented Chris Whitten, whom I have become a fan of through his frequent work with Clackamas Community College.

"Church Basement Ladies" is an enjoyable production, but again, one that might be more enjoyable to those with more familiarity with its themes.

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