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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crippled Critic Concert Preview: Marc Broussard @ The Aladdin Theater 10/16/16

I've sung the praises of Marc Broussard in this website before, and it is my privilege to do so again, to mark both his upcoming appearance at the Aladdin on Oct. 16, and the recent release of "SOS II: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission" Like its predecessor, "SOS II" is Broussard's interpretations of Soul Classics. The album is truly fantastic, as the show surely will be. His "Bayou Soul" is something to behold, at once explosive and slowly intense. I first discovered Broussard on something like Pandora, and so my fandom came about by chance. It is for this reason that I would strongly encourage you to take a chance and see him as well. I predict each one who does will be an instant fan. I speak from experience, since that day I have not missed a Portland show.

Marc Broussard @ The Aladdin

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