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Sunday, November 3, 2019

"Redwood" @ PCS

Tyrone Mitchell Henderson steals the show in "Redwood,"  so much so that it's almost too much. His character, Uncle Stevie possesses many of the conflicting traits that make the production itself such a difficult balancing act. He's a goofball, a flamboyant character who is 90% of the show's comic relief, in his ineptitude in the dancing interludes. He is also at times the show's moral-center, forcing the rest. to confront the uncomfortable past. The sometimes dark humor is the show's greatest asset, and its humor is wide-ranging, even managing to include jokes about the mundaneness of married life, which fit in with, and are relevant to, the struggles of young couplehood made more complicated by certain revelations. The sudden extreme seriousness of certain scenes mixed with the lighter fare is sometimes off-putting, but I think it's intentional, and meant to unsettle, but just be prepared.

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