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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sound of Music @ Broadway Rose Theatre Company

"The Sound of Music" is an ambitious show in every respect. It begins with a haunting chant by the nuns of the abbey, which not only stands in stark contrast to the joyful tunes that follow, but it's also the first glimpse you get of the precision and synchronicity the show demands. We soon meet Maria Reiner, who has drawn the skepticism of her fellow nuns as to whether the abbey is a good fit for her. Leah Yorkston brings a nearly palpable naivete to the role. She is indeed unprepared for the life of solitude and silence she attempts to choose, and she also has innocence and eagerness.

I know Margie Boule as a columnist, so  her significant vocal ability was a pleasant surprise... The same can be said of the seven Von Trapp children.

The sets are impressive, and while I have only attended a few productions at Broadway Rose, I am always amazed by the stylishness of their auditorium on the campus of Tigard High School... (It must be noted that the wheelchair-seating is superb , on a rise in the middle of the theatre. Broadway Rose has recently expanded and now has two auditoriums, I look forward to evaluating the accommodations in The New Stage, for "Little Shop of Horrors" in September....)

"The Sound of Music runs from now until the 22nd, and I would advise that you hurry, tickets seem to be selling quickly....

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