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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crippled Critic Comedy Review: Wanda Sykes @ Spirit Mountain

Wanda Sykes, who is known for her roles on the "New Adventures of Old Christine" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"  graced the stage at Spirit Mountain Casino Saturday night. Her material ran from politics to the trials of parenting, all delivered with her trademark sarcasm. Birthers felt her wrath, as did opponents of Don't Ask Don't Tell, then she gave us insight into life with her children and her French wife. Her vivid observations about her children's eccentricities were hilarious. Ms. Sykes' stage presence and persona is a truly unique blend of biting wit and genuine confusion at the absurdity of life, it was a privilege to watch.

Spirit Mountain itself deserves special praise for its layout in terms of wheelchair seating. I have attended twice, and although this time I had the privilege of front row seating, Spirit Mountain is one of the few venues whose most desirable sections are made up of removable chairs, making any seat a potential wheelchair seat. While I am on the subject of accessibility, I must also note that the casino is also quite accommodating to patrons in wheelchairs, every slot machine is equipped with a removable chair, and many gaming tables are lowered. I would encourage any wheelchair user interested in either attending a show or gambling to rush to Spirit Mountain, because they seem uncommonly willing and able to serve our needs.

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