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Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Unnecessary Farce"

"Unnecessary Farce" was my first show as an invited critic for Lakewood Theatre, but I have seen similar shows at Lakewood and this is the type of show at which they seem to excel. I love a Lakewood crime/mystery play.

"Unnecessary  Farce" begins as a undercover bribery investigation, (one of the bumbling cops is too excited about her first real assignment to realize it is unwise to dress in full-uniform.), but it becomes much more.

It is a toss-up for funniest character, but I think the lisping head of mayoral "sec-curr-ity" Agent Frank, (Ashton Root) wins the honor, though the thick-accented, impossible to understand Scottish hit-man named Todd (Ethan LaFrance) is a close second.

While there is nothing particularly summery about the play itself, it did feel like the perfect way to spend a summer evening. I suspect you will enjoy this very necessary farce.

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