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Monday, September 21, 2015

"Our Town" Portland Center Stage

"Our Town" is the kind of show you hear about all the time, but seldom see because there is a prevailing feeling that everyone has done it. Sort of like "Inherit the Wind," which I have read but have yet to see. "Our Town" is the story of life in Grover's Corners and follows its characters from birth to death. The image that has stuck with me since seeing it is the set in the Third Act, in which many actors sit in suspended chairs, in a version of the afterlife. It drew an audible gasp and its own applause from the audience.

I enjoyed the show, but I must agree with the two gentlemen I overheard, who lamented that something edgier was not selected instead, given that this was the Season Opener. Still, it is a truly ambitious undertaking, and worth your time.

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