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Monday, May 9, 2016

"Grand Concourse @ Artists Rep

"Grand Concourse" which opened Saturday at Artists Rep. has engaging characters. All have their own issues, and they congregate  at a South Bronx soup kitchen. There's Shelley, the struggling head-nun who is finding it necessary to use the microwave timer to force herself to pray. There's Oscar, the security-guard. Emma, the mysterious new volunteer, and my favorite, the mentally-ill transient "Frog". played by a literally unrecognizable Allen Nause, I looked in the playbill and did a double-take. Once again, he made me wonder, "Why did he ever retire?"

I did feel that Heidi Schreck's script left some unanswered questions, particularly with regard to Shelley background, but the performances alone are enough to recommend it.

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