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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"West Side Story" @ Broadway Rose

Broadway Rose's "West Side Story" has a 15-piece band. This is remarkable for a theatre of its size. It is quite possibly remarkable for a theatre twice its size. "West Side Story" signals a gigantic leap-forward in all ways, from orchestra to cast-size for Tigard's little theatre with enormous ambition. This production is probably on par with the expansion to its own theatre-building.

Broadway Rose's rendering of the Sondheim classic boasts fiercely talented leads in returning local-actor Andrew Wade as Tony, and Mia Pinero as Maria.

"West Side Story" marked a transition into grittier territory than what was expected in musicals of the era, and in certain ways,  even now. In that way, it is a show that may appeal to those of us whose tastes run a little darker.

I must restate for a final time, the impressiveness of its scope. Are even bigger things on the horizon?