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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

"Clyde's" @ PCS

 It was a wonderful respite from the grind of Spring Term, in my late-in-life return to college, to see a play. This is my reaction every time I intentionally "make room for art." It is always well-worth the effort. This was especially the case with Lynn Nottage's "Clyde's." The play is brimming with crackling,  rapid-fire dialogue. Sometimes it's almost musical in the mouth of the cantankerous Clyde of the title, (like a rap-battle with someone so skilled that their are no challengers.) 

That said, I found he ending to be quite abrupt and confusing. Particularly because the allusion in the beginning to a main-character's crime strongly suggested something far worse than what was eventually revealed. So much so, that I was waiting for it to be shown as a lie.

Regardless, Lynn Nottage has earned a place on my mental "Must-See Playwright's List." She deserves a spot on yours, too.