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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Gospel of Marc: Marc Broussard @ The Aladdin Theater 6/24/11

I know, I know, another religion-inspired title, and this one is almost gratuitous. Marc Broussard did not sing anything explicitly religious, but the title is apt because of the way he sings--he sings like a Charismatic Preacher, one expects to see him with a cobra in one hand, and a Bible in the other. He is pure Bayou Soul. It explodes out of him, I'm not sure why an image of a snake-handling preacher enters my mind except that I think they must have a similar mindset, the same dare-devil attitude, possessed by a spirit few others understand.

I bought my ticket on the strength of his "Carencro" album. I had my appetite whet for the Aladdin show by a brief performance in the KINK Lounge. It was the most ambitious thing I have ever seen on that small stage, which usually has an artist accompanied by a pianist, if that. Broussard's performance on the other hand had 5 musicians on stage-the show was delayed nearly an hour due to set-up time. Let me tell you, it was well-worth the wait!

The Aladdin Theater show was amazing, and I first saw the image of a snake-handler when he did his best-known song, "Home," during which he executed a completely unexpected flip.

When the show was over, I raided the merchandise booth and bought every CD I didn't already own, and a T-shirt. Someone passed me the set-list and because I was still so amped-up from what I had just witnessed, I decided to hang-out for a while by the tour bus. The drummer came out and asked if I would like to meet Marc, and I said 'yes.' He told us to wait a little bit while Marc finished his meet-and-greet with contest-winners. We waited, and soon the drummer emerged again, this time he went back in and pulled Broussard away from the meet-and greet (ain't I special?) He signed a lot of my stuff, and was an incredibly cordial, and down-to-earth person, (I always expect musicians to be somewhat lost in their own head, how else could something so otherworldly emanate from them?)

I left The Church of Rock & Roll once again with my soul satiated and refreshed until next time.....

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