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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Murder Served Hot: Mystery Dinner Theatre

"Murder Served Hot" is an Interactive Murder Mystery. The current show is set in 1950 and the investigation centers around the murder of  local slime-ball Nippy. Suspects include a recently acquitted accused murderess, a prostitute, and the mayor. "Murder Served Hot" is performed in the traditional format, in which the characters are easily identifiable and converse with the audience. I enjoy this format much more than the anonymous approach employed by "The Dinner Detective" (

All of the cast seemed to relish their roles, (none more so than Nippy.)  The investigative portion involves looking through the jackets and purses of the characters, and my father nearly forgot to put a seemly insignificant prop back where it came from. Sure enough, this item proved crucial to the solution of the mystery, we had a good laugh.

The dinner is fantastic, we chose the beef option, but there is also a mushroom risotto. Both come with a salad and an absolutely decadent Kailua Fudge Brownie.

It took me a while to see "Murder Served Hot" because they moved venues frequently, and the previous two were pretty far away. Now they've settled into Macadam's Bar and Grill. The scripts change about every four months, and I have been invited back. I couldn't be happier, I love these things.
"Murder Served Hot"

Box Office Phone Number for Public Shows, or to schedule a private event:



Public Show Venue:

Macadam's Bar & Grill

5833 SW Macadam Ave

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  1. Thank you Kris! We are so glad that you enjoyed yourself, and look forward to seeing you again! I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. Murder Served Hot Murder Mystery Company is owned by myself & Ted Smith, your mystery guide. We do public and private shows, in Portland and surrounding areas, as well as the State of Oregon & Washington. Macadams Bar & Grill is our new venue for public shows...they did a fabulous job last night on the food...I'm glad you agreed, and will let them know! For tickets to future shows people can call the office at 503-477-4984, or they can be purchased through our website, See you soon! Kim & Ted, MURDER SERVED HOT