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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The Realistic Joneses" @ Third Rail Rep

Will Eno is strange. He looks at things in a slightly askew way. The last two plays I saw of his, this one, "The Realistic Joneses" and "Middletown" both at Third Rail, have been among the most unusual I've ever encountered. But, i wish I could remember more about the first Eno play I saw, "The Flu Season" at Theatre Vertigo many years ago, and if memory serves, also starring Darius Pierce, as all three have. I don't remember that one being quite so "out there." As it was with "Middletown," the best part of "The Realistic Joneses" is the dialogue. It's silly yet serious, and deeply affecting. Darius Pierce is the kind of actor I'd pay to see read the phonebook, so to hear him tackle such funny and yet mundane, yet lyrical dialogue is worth a recommendation all on its own.

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