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Friday, May 6, 2016

"Hangmen" Screening at Third Rail Rep.

"Hangmen" is the first screening I've attended of National Theatre Live, of which Third Rail is a local outlet. The experience is wonderful. I was worried that the wheelchair-seating in front which is a prime spot for Third Rail's live shows, would be a terrible spot for a film screening. Not so! The impressively large screen is perfectly positioned.

I came for Martin McDonagh, and how appropriate that Third Rail would be the venue. I've seen most of McDonagh's work there, (except for "The Lonesome West" when they were in the teeny-tiny Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center in their early days, high-time for a remount, methinks.)

McDonagh's dark humor is all over "Hangmen" and my favorite part was the smattering of Cripple Jokes, I loved the audience's nervous giggling, although they very well could have been giggling at my giggling. Who knows?

I recommend "Hangmen"  in the strongest possible terms! The final screening is May 8th. Go! Go now!

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