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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fly By Night Broadway Rose

"Fly By Night" earns the often over-used adjective "innovative." It has a time-bending romantic premise that for the most part works quite well. But, there are moments when it doesn't, and in those moments there is brief disorientation that requires re-adjustment and catching up. There is also the issue of general over-length, which changes the reaction to the unexpected ending into an "ooooh...." when the writers were likely aiming for something a little more visceral.

Still, "Fly By Night has a bright and varied score, and more importantly, the show itself represents yet another leap for Broadway Rose, the show is untraditional, a departure from the theatre's usual fair, though not far enough to be ill-fitting. Just enough to be different. The best way to articulate this is to let my inner-local theatre geek take the reins for a moment. This is show is what happens when Third Rail's sensibility (through director Issac Lamb) comes to visit Broadway Rose. It's something to see.

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