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Monday, October 2, 2017

"Trails" @ Broadway Rose

"Trails" has all the expected hallmarks of a  Broadway Rose production: A  surprisingly expansive set, given the intimacy of the theatre, a top-notch cast, and a solid band. What was unexpected was the subject-matter, which was a shade or two darker than their typical fare. It is a welcome change. That said, my only real quibble with "Trails" lies in the script's tendency to "tease" the tragedy at its center just a bit too much. Hinting at it and then trailing-off begins to grate after a while.

The "trail" of the title is the Appalachian Trail. Two childhood friends walk it on a journey of self-discovery. They confront aging, ("Thirty-four is halfway to sixty-eight") and old rivalries and resentments, culminating a little late in the aforementioned tragedy.

All in all, I would recommend "Trails," but again, be warned, and/or excited by its unusualness.

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  1. Saw the show on Thursday night and have to say I was excited by its unusualness. Definitely would recommend the show.