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Saturday, January 6, 2024

"A Tomb with A View" @ Lakewood

 I just glanced at the date on my last review. Over 7 months! I can think of no better way to break my "fast" than a murder mystery show at Lakewood. "A Tomb with a View" is exactly the type of show by which I was introduced to Lakewood., long before the advent of this website. It is the kind of show that I would deem to be Lakewood's signature: A witty romp, with a liberal dash oof the macabre. What distinguishes "A Tomb with a View" is the family of eccentrics at its center. The comedy comes mostly from character rather than plot. My favorite of these was Dora Tomb, the batty winemakeress, whose vintages may or may not be deliberately poisoned, Lisa Knox's daffy performance makes either option plausible. 

If, like me, you consider the mystery-comedy Lakewood's specialty, you shouldn't miss it. In fact, I'm still a little disappointed to have missed "Arsenic & Old Lace" due to late-in-life resumption of college. Despite my newly busy schedule, it is quite gratifying-perhaps even necessary to make room for Art. I will endeavor to keep up with Lakewood, and I am already eagerly anticipating "A Few Good Men."                             

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